“J & M Masonry purchased a new Kubota SVL95 one year ago. I was disappointed with the traction pushing large amounts of soil. We found the tracks were spinning all the time and the reason for this purchase was a Kubota or a trim dozer and the Kubota was much more versatile. We found with the excavating and demolition that we were slicing our tracks on rocks and broken rubble. We realized quickly that the tracks were not going to last very long. The machine has Bridgestone H pattern (a little flimsy for my liking) A friend of mine told me about Ric Wilson’s bolt on cleats. He explained to me that my Kubota should keep up pretty much to a trim dozer.

I was skeptical and had seen the cleats on a JCB loader. I made the decision to contact Ric and discussed his product and how he developed it. The decision was made to go with Ric’s product. There is no disappointment, these cleats took my Kubota to another level. My machine isn’t spinning anymore and I’m getting excellent traction. My machine gets better results in less time. My tracks are also now protected from sharp objects which will double at least the life of my tracks. After spending $75,000 on a Kubota that wouldn’t push, it would be crazy not to have the cleats.

The customer service is bar none and Ric Wilson stands behind his product 100%”

Howard Curran, Orangeville, Ontario – www.jmmasonry.ca – Tel: 1-519-942-0171