Working landscape construction in the elevation of Alaska provides a great deal of uncompromising terrain making what should be an easy job into a logistical nightmare.

For Paul Bacher, at Bacher Construction in Homer, Alaska, traction is essential for jobs on raw land. Stumps, high grass, mud and wetlands are giant obstacles that can cost time and efficiency. Paul requires his rubber track machines to tackle multiple conditions. When doing foundation work, Paul’s machines must adjust quickly to sand, wet clay and steep hills. Ice, slush and snow in the winter when the job turnsto snow removal.

Paul ordered a set of Pro-Lynx cleats that work well in wet clay, on steep inclines and that could also be used when re-grading a road. “It took me about 20 [minutes] to put on the cleats, same amount to take them off, which I love.” Paul was impressed with his Pro-Lynx cleats on the very first job, “It was impressive, I felt like my Kobota had twice the power because I could use my drive train to pull stumps and grade the earth without relying on hydro.”

As a business owner it is important for your equipment to run optimally. Being able to make adjustments quickly and without major down time. The Pro-Lynx cleat provides the solution for rubber track equipment in the harshest terrains. Reducing machine time hours and fuel consumption, while enhancing worker safety on difficult terrains.
“I’m very happy with the cleats, money very well spent!