“These traction bars turn the machine into a totally different animal we are able to help push out fully loaded semis with ease and they provide excellent traction on frozen and snow packed ground”

Logging is a profession with many challenges that go well beyond the dangers of cutting down trees. When you live in an area where the weather offers a mix of condition like rain and snow, the terrain can change very quickly to mud and ice.

The first challenge of day can be just getting into the job site.When clearing land or access trails the ground can become soft and wet or icy and slick making it nearly impossible for large vehicles to get traction forcing work to halt until the weather clears up.

Regions like Delta, Ohio get to experience all four weather seasons, which presents Eli Rupp’s logging business with some unpredictable challenges. Eli knows the cost of machine downtime and the benefits of working efficiently.

His machines need to not only get into the job site but also need to be able to pull the logs out. Now that Eli has installed the Pro-Lynx Traction Bar System on his machine traction and stability are no longer a concern.

Eli is confident that his Kubota can get in and out of job sites with safety and stability. Pulling logs out of the job site has become more efficient and machine downtime has been eliminated. All while protecting his track and assets from excessive wear and damage.

If you are in need tree clearing, removal or any logging work done in the Delta, Ohio area you can visit the Rupp Logging LLC Facebook Page.