Pro-Lynx Traction Bar

Improve any rubber track vehicle performance

Solid Grip

Quick To Install

Patented Design

Tackle Any Terrain

About The Pro-Lynx Traction Bar

We provide solutions for your industrial rubber track equipment including skid steers, mini excavators and loaders, servicing most major OEM vehicle manufacturers and after market rubber tracks. 

The Value

Improve any rubber track vehicle performance by 85% with Pro-Lynx cutting edge cleats, that install quickly and easily.

Efficiencies & Return On Your Equipment

  • 12 months a year performance on Ice, snow, deep mud and sand applications.
  • Difficult terrains such as forestry are no match for Pro-Lynx traction bar systems.
  • Fully loaded vehicles maneuver up steep inclines.
  • Improve job site efficiencies by avoiding lost time due to being stuck and using other equipment as tow vehicles.
  • Reduce machine time hours and fuel usage.
  • Enhance worker safety on difficult terrains such as snow and ice where vehicles can slide losing control.
  • Protect your track and your assets from excessive wear and damage.
  • Pro-Lynx cleats are the solution for mastering traction & control.

Kevin Cullingham from PAL Lumber recommends the Pro-Lynx Traction Bar System when working on tough terrain in even tougher weather conditions!

The Pro-Lynx Showcase

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